HH Mobile Pack

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HH Mobile Pack.png

HH Mobile Pack


This pack includes 5 presets specifically created for mobile or Jpeg images - if you apply the "HH Basic Preset" on one of these types of images, the colors are all wack. 

The "Mobile Basic" is tweaked to look similar to any images shot on a DSLR & applied with my "HH Basic" preset.

All settings from brightening, color tweaking, to grain is added.

Check below for examples of the "basic" vs "cool" preset & some amazing BEFORE/AFTERS using the slider to move over the image!

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Once added to cart & checked out - your preset will directly download to your desktop [& most likely found in your "Downloads" folder] I found THIS to be this e a s i e s t  way to import/open your presets.

Basic vs "cool" preset example

Basic | JPEG | Cool

How to Sync Presets...