HH Basic Preset Pack

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HH Mobile Pack1.png

HH Basic Preset Pack


This pack includes all 10 presets I use to edit my photos! I love this versatile preset because it truly needs minimal tweaks for most any image - but works best on dark//underexposed shots! [watch “How to Import Presets” & “How to Sync Presets” for the easiest way to download + access your presets straight from YOUR PHONE!]

What you will expect from this preset

  • overall brightened image + purest whites

  • vibrant colors w/ auto white balance

  • sharpening of image & noise reduction

  • light orange pastel tint on shadows

  • some grain is added but can easily be removed

  • blues are more aqua/greens are more yellow

If you are ever not satisfied, I am always here to help! Since this is a digital copy, unfortunately all purchases are final - but with that said.. if you are unhappy with they way your images are coming out or want a different look, I will always continue to help tweak!

Please use #presetsbyheather in any images you apply the preset to for a chance to receive a copy of ANY future presets I create for FREE! [fun little way to help me promote]



You have no idea how much this helps my little family..

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This pack comes with 10 presets that are specifically intended to BRIGHTEN your photos with enhancing certain colors/altering hues of others + a specific subtle shadow tint that will tie your images together for a cohesive look. Most of these presets are a one-click apply with minimal tweaking of either exposure or the white balance [which can be auto-corrected or personally adjusted from cooler to warmer depending on what you want]. 

HH Basic Presets

What you get in this pack is ALL 10 presets that I use to edit my images. 5 presets that are intended for RAW/DSLR processed images and 5 dupes of those presets for Mobile/JPEG shots! I say 10 presets because each one is truly different when applied on one image [if you applied a "HH Mobile Cool" on a RAW image, it would look different than the "HH Basic Cool" on the same photo..

This preset:

  • Auto corrects white balance

  • brightens overall photo but highlights are reduced [helps keep subject's detail]

  • image's vibrance is upped

  • highlights are reduced for more detail in overexposed areas

  • sharpens image while reducing color noise

  • blues are turned to aqua/greens are more yellow & illuminated

  • grain is added but can be easily removed

Mobile Presets - NEW! *presets added*

The "Mobile Basic" is tweaked to look similar to any images shot on a DSLR & applied with my "HH Basic" preset. The basic presets:

  • "HH Mobile Basic"

  • "HH Mobile Cool"

  • "HH Mobile Contrast"

  • "HH Mobile White Sand"

  • "HH Mobile Pink Pastel"

All settings from brightening, color tweaking, to grain is added.

Check below for examples of the "basic" vs "cool" preset & some amazing BEFORE/AFTERS using the slider to move over the image!

Check out/Download Instructions


Once added to cart & checked out - your preset will directly download to your desktop [& most likely found in your "Downloads" folder] I found THIS to be this e a s i e s t  way to import/open your presets OR watch the videos I attached below!

Basic vs "cool" preset example

Basic | RAW | Cool

Original | Contrast | Basic | Cool | Pastel Pink | White Dust

Before & Afters


HOW-TO Videos