Vibrant Bright Pack

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hh fall pack.png

Vibrant Bright Pack

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I’m sooo excited to share my “Fall Pack” with you all that still maintains a ‘bright’ aesthetic but with more contrast & shades that focus on those rich Autumn inspired colors. This pack comes with 3 unique presets - Apple Crisp, Hard Cider, & Pumpkin Roll [which has been my go to lately on my Instagram feed.]

Apple Crisp - crisp whites with a focus on “reds” in this fall Season. This preset works great on both indoor & outdoor photos! It’s a very cohesive preset + most always is a one-click apply with maybe exposure adjustments or lowering saturation.

Hard Cider - shadows & highlights are a tint of golden while keeping a pop of white amongst the bright areas of your image. My one preset thats not very vibrant but keeps colors calm & warm.

Pumpkin Roll - my go-to. I love how bright this preset is with a tangerine hue and bright whites. I most always only have to adjust exposure on this preset. Its very versatile & works great with both indoor and outdoor!

If you need any help at all with adjustments I am more than happy to help! DM on IG or shoot me an e-mail at

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Before // Afters

Before | Apple Crisp | Hard Cider | Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Roll

Apple Crisp

Hard Cider