Bed Bath & Beyond Makeover

*[This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own. ]

If you have been following my little family for a while now.. you would know that it wasn’t until this year we FINALLY got our own place. There’s just something so sentimental and special about having an empty place to fill and decorate with your very own unique touch of taste. While the rest of our [it’s pretty tiny..] place still has a few boxes and corners that give me a headache - our new outdoor Fall makeover from Bed Bath & Beyond was JUST the space this mama needed for an escape. I also attached links to everything within this blog!

What do you usually do when you have alone time? The first few moments right when you wake up or before you go to bed?

I love having a “space” where I can sit, think, chug my coffee, and just take moments to myself. I also appreciate scenery, sounds, smells - that’s probably why I decorated our patio first. And my Pumpkin Spice Camp mug is always filled to the brim lately. AND please tell me I’m not the only one that think twinkle lights completely change a mood? Because they do. These Pierced Ball string lights in gold are seriously way too pretty in person.

I have always, I REPEAT, always have wanted a cute whicker, hanging chair - although different brands and varieties didn’t seem sturdy enough for the outrageous price; I was HOOKED on Bed Bath & Beyond’s Modway Abate Patio Swing in Grey/White - the sturdy powder-coated steel frame with all-weather material and plush all-weather fabric cushion definitely sold me for the price. This chair is coming with me anywhere we move!

You DEFINITELY feel like a mom once you find yourself standing in aisles of holiday decor and contemplating what stuff is cute and what stuff might just end up in the garbage.. this year I’ve been focusing a lot on being intentional with what items we buy for holidays (actually almost anything I buy in general) - BUT I’ve decided almost any holiday, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and so on.. I would allow myself to buy 5 items that would accentuate our house, and then leave the rest of the decor up to my daughters with all the fun art activities.. haha no but really. I always find those pieces of decor the MOST special and are always keepsakes. Snagged this ‘Never Rust’ Aluminum and Glass Outdoor End Table for all those little activities!

I absolutely love doormats. Weird I know. But it being the first thing someone sees before entering your home & dusting their feet off, they can also be quite attention grabbing with recent colors, patterns, and little blurbs. I adored this “Gather Together” door mat from BB&B because it didn’t just focus on Halloween but for me the whole season of Fall.. & an absolute steal for just $10!

Pops of vibrant colors are always my thing. That’s why I absolutely had to hang this 24-inch Maple Leaf Wreath in orange somewhere when I found it.

You can never go wrong with a throw pillow.. from our couch, a bed, to a cute little corner - I love this “Hello Autumn” neutral throw pillow for a little fall accent WHEREVER I want. For the price & its versatility, it’s definitely a must-have!


Hope you guys enjoyed my little patio fall make over sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond because I definitely want to share more “spaces” with you soon!