Dock a Tot

Packing up these DockATot's because T-minus 5 days until they'll be in lush green grass with two bikini babes in them under the sun. [can you tell I've been a little overwhelmed with our move/trip? - only took me a week to actually finish up this blog post.. by the end of the month we will FINALLY HAVE OUR OWN HOME!

Till then.. we are staying in Cali with my mother-in-law & soaking up literally every little second.

ONE of the many reasons why the DockATot was brought in to our home

    • If it's date night, or just a sleepover at grandmas house.. the girls both need their Dock's. 
    • My oldest, Bella, loves bringing her tot into my grandmas bed and taking over my grandpa's side when he is out of town.. or booted to the couch haha

Both my girls have always been very light sleepers/difficult putting down - but no joke. Ever since we introduced these co-sleepers.. they have felt more secure & Ava no longer needs to be rocked to sleep, but will actually be put down awake and she cuddles the cushions till she is comfy - then OUT like a light she goes!

  • Womb-life comfort
    • DockATot® was actually designed with the idea of a "mother's womb" in mind, keeping a babies environment snug and soothing..offering the best & most comfortable sleep.
  • Made with microclimate material
    • the microclimate is the space directly affecting the Dock & your baby's surroundings
    • the material is made with hygienic fabrics that do not harbor heat

In the upcoming months.. their father & I have discussed the idea of these girls sharing a bedroom together in our new home. Despite having .either a 3 bedroom or 4 we knew this day would eventually come; since Ava's been sleeping through the night & they both wake up at the same time.. 

  • Eases Crib transition
    • The DockATot really is the best idea for helping us transition Ava in to a toddler bed
    • She will be 15 months soon, still tosses but not how she used too, just back and forth so the cushions on this tot is perfect for catching her toss into dreamland

Bella really wants a bunkbed... clearly has reserved the top bunk. But I want to rush things, I've been liking these quiet nights haha.

When did you transition your baby from crib to toddler bed?

Thank you so much for reading!