Safeway Signature Campaign

*This blog has been sponsored by Safeway/Albertsons but all opinions are my own.

If these faces don't tell you how happy they are about these diapers & wipes - I'll tell you about 'em!

From day one, my first-born, Bella had thee most sensitive little tookus. Unfortunately, she contracted a horrible diaper rash that started as thrush (when she was 2 months old) whih graduated to a full-blown blister/rash for the better part of her first year. We tried, to no avail, every diaper company including Pampers, Huggies, Honest, and Target. 

One day, their daddy brought home some diapers from Safeway, and we decided to give the Signature Care™ brand of diapers a try. Amazingly, within a week we noticed her irritable rash was disappearing & ever since have worked wonders with her sensitive little booty.

We even tried the Signature Care™ Sensitive wipes as well, and they were definitely much gentler than similar sensitive wipes that we had tried previously. She would scream and cry whenever we wiped her, but magically these wipes seemed to soothe her. Her rash died down, and with each diaper change, she became a happier and less irritated little bug. Ever since then, we have never changed our brand from Signature Care diaper and wipes..


We love Signature Care™, and sine the arrival of our newest bundle, Ava, we have continued to use them for her without hesitation! We have had literally no problems and there have been no rashes or irritation at all! 

These diapers, along with the amazingly simple and effective sensitive wipes have literally saved us so many tears. With Bella, we have graduated to the training pants, and they have worked wonders with her self-esteem and made her feel like a "big girl".

The super cute unicorn print gives her the biggest smile every time she takes one out of her drawer, and even asks us if we can help her "put on the unicorn panties?!" We feel so comfortable and safe using Signature Care™ diapers and wipes found at Safeway and Albertsons stores; we know with our growing family, that we will always stick with this brand.

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