Weekends in our [FAVORITE] Pajamas!

Leveret PJ's

If you don't have a pair.. you should - from the cutest patterns, matching "Mommy & Me" sets & EVEN matching sets for dolls and your toddler. Like, what better way to jump the gun for bed time right? "YO BELLA, time to change your baby!" Okay.. maybe a couple "goodnight" Oreos.. help too but really. We love these pajamas so much. 


  1. s u p e r COMFORTABLE - my kids you guys.. EVERYTHING IS ITCHY. Half the time Bella goes to bed in just her undies & a giant T-shirt [*cough cough* she seems me too often looking like a homeless around the house.. BUT] with these cold & rainy days. She has been loooving her long cotton mermaid pajamas and has to wear them almost every night.. I may need to buy another set because my laundry can't keep up.
  2. UNIQUE prints - I absolutely love finding matching things for my daughters and I.. but I am even more of a fan when the company carefully selects priceless prints & patterns that you never see anywhere else! [and although we are hardcore mermaid fans - they really do have so many other adorable prints that I know will catch your eye.
  3. VERY b r e a t h e a b l e - put my kids in fleece jams and they will sweat as if they were sitting in sauna's all night long [they run hot from their dad.. I am constantly in 3 sweatshirts

And let me tell ya.. these are theee best jams to have morning dance parties in!

Not this gallery.. but the next - shows you just how many pictures it takes for me to "nail" ONE decent one. I THINK Bella was kissing my head.. or spitting on it. I'll take the kiss though.

What does your family do every weekend? Okay, what do you with two kids alone when you have been cooped inside for 9472594583908 days?

It's been raining here in Washington NONSTOP for months & the library I think has about had it with us and shopping... yeah right lol.

Hope everyone has a very "relaxing" weekend [hahaha I make myself laugh]..

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