Cuties Campaign

I wish I was joking when I say, it's been raining non-stop for the past, maybe 3 months? If it's not raining it's just as dark outside as "40 days and 40 nights" - and I AM LOOSING IT! [At least someone is enjoying it..]

I can remember like it was yesterday craving these little Cuties when I was pregnant with BOTH girls.. could have been the WA weather telling me my body needed extra vitamin C or... the fact that they are the most delicious/addicting fruit on this planet, no? We can't be friends.

Honestly, the Season when Cutie's are available is my favorite ever. We are all fans over here.. especially little Bella, peeling for days - me... vacuuming for days so her sister doesn't eat the peels [can't be THAT bad right? lol] 

& I swear Bella hasn't gotten sick.. because she downs at least 5 of these Cuties a day.

With only so much space in our apartment, the library down our street has become our 'go-to' before mom 'goes-crazy'. Last weekend, miss Bella & I put together a basket of "Vitamin C Valentines" which she passed out to her story class [& even snuck a bag up on the librarian's desk! haha - scroll down to see]


Cutie season, might just be my favorite..

I swear it's right after the holidays, everyone gets sick.. that's when we stock up on Cuties.

We packed these little bags each with -

  1. One Cutie
  2. A few candy hearts
  3. Stickers from Target's dollar section (ALWAYS A HIT)
  4. A Valentine themed pencil / bookmark
  5. & of course a special Valentine Bella drew in :)

Watch the slideshow below to see Bella's "Random Act of Kindness" promoting Cutie's #100daysofSunshine Campaign to show sharing cuties, is really the best type of sharing!

And of course we had to stop and jump in And we of course had to stop & soak ourselves in puddles on the way home! We don't need no sunshine when we got a bucket of Citrus Cuties to put on a smile on our face :)

Nothing like a hot bubble bath with a bowl full of cuties to end your day!