Quick Lightroom Edit - Yellow Lighting

I tried not to sound stupid.. I failed - but hopefully this little over five minute video will help you better understand how to edit using Lightroom. 

This specific video focuses on reducing gross "yellow" indoor lighting & creating an overall brighter image without 'TOO' much over-exposing. Details are not lost.

I know this was super short and maybe didn't make any sense at all - but I hope to make another video soon showing you how I typically edit an image from start to finish [rather than just me talking through a preset] 

Speaking of - I strongly suggest in finding/purchasing one. SAVES A SHIIIIIT TON OF TIME in life; click of a button and then tweaking some nodules is a heck of a lot easier than figuring out the white balance, colors, lighting, perspective... you get the idea, and it takes a looot of time and effort to get an image the way you like. There are looooads of presets out there - I created my own and it has been a lifesaver to tweak some settings how I like and just pasting them on an image in SECONDS. SERIOUSLY.. Lightroom Presets are becoming the new IG Filters

I really do hope this helped and I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have :)