Monday Must-Haves 7/14/17

We took the girlies to the very first blueberry farm [together].. since Bella's favorite food is frozen blueberries, we knew it would be a hit. BUT THIS WEATHER. While I am typing this.. it is overcast and drizzling - we took the girls but a few days ago to the farm and it was blistering hot with not even the slightest breeze. Nor shade.. anywhere.

You have probably seen me post way too embarrassingly times, pictures of Bella in her little-yellow-dress.. (I promise, I do laundry.. at least once a day - and with the rate of Ava's 'blowouts' lately.. I sometimes HAVE to do 2-3 loads a day - now folding & putting it away, that's a whole different story. ANYWHO.. we love this dress from LeLe for Kids not only because its color remains so vibrant after muuuultiple washes, but this girl is constantly moving. It's so airy and playful that she has never gotten in the way of her running, jumping, & climbing. 

^ is that a resting b**** face or what?? HA

Nah, I'm just kidding.. she can make friends. When she wants too.. this 2.5 going on to 3 is a real roller coaster. I have said this before to her dad, "They should just diagnose every mother with being bi-polar.. because one second I'll be shaking in frustrating & then the next I'm cuddling & laughing with the little turd". It's tough. SO tough.

One thing I got to say, she is definitely learning who is boss. LOL no it's not me. She has been pushing so many buttons that I no longer have. She is slowwwwly listening to me though.. very slowly.. that's why we have been making outings little by little. AND it's usually when daddy is home cause Lord knows I can't be chasing this stinker out of trouble while breastfeeding. I've tried.

I have been LOVING this ivory floral kimono sash from Shop PinkBlush. Besides the fact my entire wardrobe consists of either ivory, pinks, lavenders, or yellows.. I throw this on with almost any of my plain tanks/breastfeeding shirts.

And I honestly couldn't have gotten out of the house this weekend with out our SassyLittleBabes reversible bonnet. Did I mention I think my second daughter is going to be a red head? Yeah our pediatrician at our last appointment said, "Oh yeah, she will definitely be a strawberry blonde at least through out her toddler years!" My family has cray cray genes.. But little miss sure doesn't need any more red on top of that head.

I think that is what I love most about these bonnets are they are so versatile, the fact they are reversible makes for so many more outfit options AND the can be used honestly all year around! Summer: for keeping their hairless-heads out of the sun - Winter: keeping those hair-less heads warm from the chilly breeeze. PLUSE they make their faces 10x more kissable. [Bella's maroon knit bow is also from SassyLittleBabe company. 

Just recently we received these adorable poppy floral baby moccasins to review from Freshly Picked & well.. if we didn't love them I wouldn't waste my time ranting on here about how much we DO! Although Ava isn't a walker yet (she is sooo close to crawling already it's ridiculous) these little pair of moccasins are the perfect touch to any kid's outfit. 

These little shoes are sooo easy to put on, clearly comfortable since she never complains when they are on, AND they don't fall off every five seconds like every other baby shoe - PLUS their variety of shoe/moccasin designs are unreal. It was very hard for me to pick JUST one to review.

She sure is one happy little thing. Despite how many blow out she wakes me up with at 5 am almost every morning.. this smile is everything. Nothing like a happy baby. I hope to share next week a few teething remedies/products we have HAD to have these past few weeks to keep this baby smiling..

Couple more pictures of THIS FACE.. because well, it's Monday. We could all use a smile :)