Monday Must-Haves

Why do Monday's have to have such a bad rap? I honestly 'appreciate' them a lot more since having kids; they help me sit back with them and stare at the pile of dishes & laundry.. thinking, "man, we sure did have a really fun weekend". I'm really going to miss summer, granted, I LOVE FALL; everything just goes by faster with kids, especially seasons. I promised you guys I would try and do more of these; I never really thought of myself as a 'blogger' but where else would I share all these cute images? EVERY Monday, I will try and share a post showing off a few items that I just HAD to HAVE with me while out and about that weekend.

LOOOOK AT THAT DILF! Hahaaa jokes.. kinda.. but really; I am so thankful for this man. He is so helpful whenever we go out to the park/dinner/errands etc. My Skip-Hop Diaper bag has been by far my favorite bag out of a few I've had to toss [moldy breast pads are probably the worst smelling thing you'll ever encounter & aren't worth the save honestly]..

THREE reasons WHY I love this bag compared to others:

1. SO MANY POCKETS - I love pockets. Especially when it comes to staying organized. [if only there was a diaper bag that had label inserts... haha] from burp cloths, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, extra clothes for baby, extra clothes for me, extra pants for toddler [this regressive potty-training thing after Ava got us good..], toys, snacks, and usually I'll just put my wallet and keys in here rather than also carry an additional purse..  nope. Hands are full enough.

2. The WIDE bottom - there have been so many totes I have that tip over. Not only does it suck.. cause you have to pick it all back up with your kids who knows where - but it's just plain embarrassing. Am I the only mom that finds bananas or Nutri-grain bars weeks later. Yeah, not days, weeks. I literally go out with my kids maybe once a weeks. It's almost harder getting them ready to go and out of the house than it is to wash, dry, fold, & put away laundry on top of cleaning and putting away all the dishes, cleaning up random hurricane disasters in each room in one day.. you get the idea of the running in circles I do everyday. And to the moms that can do all that - I TIP MY WINE GLASS TO YOU!

3. That leads me to - ITS SO EASY TO CLEAN - in this particular model their is only one removable insert in the middle. Once I remove all the moldy bananas and the-super-healthy-fruit-bars my kid did not like. And scrub it down in the sink a little and toss in washer and let it hang to dry. BOOM brand-new. Love this guy. 

Shop Skip-Hop diaper bags here:

Okay this might not be a NECESSITY.. [maybe..] but you guys, these bows from Coco & Manu have literally been my go too's everyday (and I only have 4 of them) - so you can see how versatile they are yet their patterns are so unique! Both Ava's vibrant watercolor bow and Bella's floral ivory bow are from this adorable small shop. Check out their shop at this link -

Although I live in Seattle, Washington.. and well that speaks for itself with sunshine. I hardly ever wear sunglasses.. 1. because my nose is too small to ever keep a pair up, 2. I live in Seattle. BUT the summers here in Washington are TO DIE FOR; just amazing - these light opaque-pink sunnies arrived just in time when the Seattle sun decided to appear.. and stay. This weather, man.

As a mama, a breast-feeding mom - its a habit of mine to constantly search for clothing items that will be nursing-friendly. AND most the time when I find a nursing top or dress the top is always waaay too big and well yeah way tooo much is exposed and I just feel uncomfortable. But I have had ZERO problems finding clothes that both match my style && accommodate my non-stop milk-guzzler. WHERE?

ALLL THOSE INVISIBLE BABY BRACELETS! I love these special moments.. & I'm really glad [it's taken balls, trust me] that I feel comfortable feeding Ava in public. And that mostly has A LOT to do with what I am wearing, how easy it is to work with, and how, pretty, decent and modest I look. To shop Ava's vibrant water color bow; click here -

You guys, come on.. the back of her head looks riiiidiculous. Hahaha but for real. I swear just putting one little bow on her makes her look x19379841 more scrumptious. Gosh, I love her. To shop this exact bow, click here -

This blogging-thing was kinda fun, I might do it again.. I just like sharing candids and captures from our weekend; it's fun to look back & have a short little weekend story to look at - and these items just so happened to tag along with us. Hopefully next week I'll pick out a few different items to bring with us on our next adventure & share them again! What do you think? Was this helpful/fun to read? 

Just a few more shots from this weekend in one of my other PinkBlush tops! -- and that little 'Liberty London Blooming' Darcie Hair Bow on that little face. I'm done.