Ava Brooklyn's Birth Story

*WARNING: there are some images in this blog post that may be a little much for some people to handle..

It all started around 4 in the evening on April 9th when my little fam bam and I decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood and play outside before dinner. I was running (eh more like galloping) after my 2 year old daughter, and once we got to the driveway and started walking down the hill I noticed a constant leak in my pants.. I didn't think much of it cause I felt totally fine and unfortunately at 39 weeks I thought I could have just peed and not realized it due to the zero space I had left for baby girl. 

it was around 6ish when I started making dinner that I started thinking MAAAAYBE this isn't urine.. anytime I moved, even a step or two there was a little "gush".. I go to the bathroom and check my underwear, which are completely soaked. At this point I call the hospital, describing to her what I am feeling and that I was 99.9% sure my water was leaking.. the nurse on the phone told me to come in right away. Anytime your water is broken you are then at risk for an infection the longer and longer you wait to go in. I asked the doctor if it was alright I put my daughter down for bed and then came in.. she laughed saying, "as long as you think you can handle the contractions, but come in right afterwards." 

I wasn't feeling anything painful enough to send me flying in right away. I had contractions but they were very irregular and spaced out. After I got off the call with the nurse, she had advised me to continue walking, bouncing on a birthing ball, doing squats, or nipple stimulation to urge the contractions to pick up more regularly. Here I am doing a couple deep squats in the living room while my boyfriend, Mike, steps outside the slider to call his mom updating her that we may be going in later to get checked. The very second [no joke] Mike says "Hey mom", I squat, what's left of my waters, breaks all over the carpet. 

"Mike, my water DEFINITELY just broke"

"Mom, can I call you right back?"

Here I am looking up "what does amniotic fluid look and smell like" cause I STILL can't convince myself that our daughter could be here in the next 24 hours. I really was in no pain at all.. other than the aching back and crampy joints from carrying this princess for 9 months haha.

For the record.. when your water breaks it's clear.. and smells JUST like semen mixed with bleach.. definitely no pee smell.

At this point its about 7:30.. we put our two-year-old daughter down for bed, Mike packs up the car, and we head to the hospital. We get there and clearly no nurse believes I am in labor, a nurse checks me and I am 3cm dilated and about 70% effaced (not much change from my 38 week appointment) and then the nurse runs a test on a swab. The nurse tells us the test will take about 30 minutes. AWESOME. longest 30 minutes of my life. but low and behold.. test came back positive and we were moved to our delivery room!

OF COURSE my doctor is gone on Spring Break with her kids.. so I meet another older lady who was retiring; she had delivered babies at the hospital we were at for 40 years! I really had no problem who was going to deliver my baby, I generally have a good sense on who I will like, and right away I knew I liked her. At around midnight she came in and we went over my plan.. 

If things were not to progress and pick up by 2 am I was advised to start pitocin. I was upset. My first daughter, Isabella, was induced two weeks early because according to ultrasounds she was IUGR and her birth weight was too low, doctors figured she would thrive better outside of the womb. Let me tell you.. those contractions are a BIT**. So i was not excited at all but I agreed because I wouldn't want to cause any infections or complications for my baby. My nurse was THE BEST.. lowkey wish I got her number and we could go out and get drinks together. She constantly made me laugh. 


At around 5 am my contractions were KILLER.. I literally couldn't breathe through them. They were very intense, very regular, but I wasn't fully dilated, still sitting at 4 cm. I mentioned how fast the epidural relaxed me. Most hospitals won't allow this until 6 cm and I really didn't want any other pain reliever. My nurse was on team Heather and told the anesthiaologist that I was sitting at 5 cm and was ready.. what a homie. Epidural was placed around 5:45 am.

10 or so minutes go by and my nurse comes back in asking how I am doing. She checks me.

"You really weren't kidding!".. I was fully dilated.

My delivery doctor was in an emergency c-section down the hall.. but soon came in 20 minutes later to help welcome my little baby girl. Mike was right by my side.. phone shaking out of control in his hand (because I wanted him to capture any moment that he could).

My doctor told me to push anytime I felt a contraction.. I wasn't COMPLETELY numb so I was able to tell when one was coming. One push, and she was crowning. Another push and her arm came.. my doctor told me to take one more big breath and push, then told me to lean forward and give my hands to her. They were placed under Ava's shoulders.

Three pushes later, and I get to pull out and place my Ava Brooklyn on my chest at 6:36 am.

She ended up weighing 6lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long!

Just how in the world did I get so lucky..

We were soon moved from our delivery room to the 'mommy and baby' quarters, we're we would have to stay one more night. We were dismissed early when Isabella was born because it was SuperBowl Sunday and God forbid if her dad missed the game haha. This time we were more than willing to stay because we didn't want to push getting back with our rambunctious toddler just toooo soon ;) we were clearly soaking up all the newborn cuddles we could..

Soon it was 8 am and we called my mother (she stayed the night with our two-year old while we went in) to see if Bella was up yet.. and my request for donuts was a must. I WAS STARVING! The hospital had good food but I wasn't allowed to eat for the past 24 hours and no menu could compare to a Kirspy Kreme donut at this point..

Words can not explain the emotions that swept over me when my two little girls got to meet. My little Isabella is so smart. I knew the minute she walked in the room, she knew her baby sister was here. She was so curious and quiet at first. Not even pictures can really do justice to her expressions and how she approached her 'Baby Ava'. 

I can easily say so far.. this was the best day of my life. MY HEART IS SO FREAKING FULL ITS INSANE.

Then we got to watch someone get their first bath..

The nurse was a little rough.. looking back, I really wish I got to ask Mike to give the bath because the lady clearly had a long night. Even little Bella was concerned.. haha

To say I am lucky is a vast understatement. To have such easy (other than extreme nausea for both girls) pregnancies, two very very smooth deliveries, and two very beautiful and healthy little girls.. doesn't happen very often. I know this. I count my blessings. Our first night with Ava was EXHAUSTING! Not to mention Mike and I were up for a whole 24 hours before hand.. nurses came in literally every hour. To check vitals, continued testing, and our room was RIGHT by the exit door.. so we heard people coming and going all night long. Ava slept great though. But hey.. I have two kids now.. sleep is the last thing I'll be getting for a while. Sleep is overrated anyways.. I miss too many precious moments when I close my eyes :)