What's in my bag?

Twelve Little & Tote Savvy

With two kids - who always need to get out & about to be worn out.. I am sharing my top favorite MUST-have mommy & baby items in this post! 

My children are NEEDY.. so when they need something, they need it pronto! AIN'T NO MAMA GOT TIME FOR SEARCHING & SCREAMING! 

I CAN NOT use a bag now without my Tote Savvy insert. It is a serious life-savor - especially when you have two kids screaming for a snack/pacifier/lovey/chew toy/or a diaper change.. I can find anything in just seconds.

This unbelievably comfy, camo tote is from Twelve Little & it has to be the most weight distributed bag I have.. definitely my first pick when we go out and about on PNW trails & parks!

And my favorite part - it has 3 different ways to carry it! 


  1. It has a hidden zipper pocket on bottom of backside for quick dirty item storage.
  2. One large top zipper closure for easy access
  3. Two slip pockets in front & two insulated side bottle pockets (my coffee & Bell's juice!)
  4. The WHOLE inside interior lining is coated with PVC-free water-resistant coating.. for all those spills haha
  5. AND lastly - the entire tote is padded to maintain it's shape and provide comfort when carried as a backpack & it's LIGHT to carry!

NOW - this bag is one of my favorites BECAUSE it is so open to fit my light grey Tote Savvy. And with all these pockets & slips.. (trust me I shove as much as I can, because.. better be safe than sorry, right?)  my back isn't aching after the hours of carrying it!


  1. BOWS - I always pack bows because.. they always are ripped off in the car & I have indeed had someone say to Ava, "awe he is so handsome!" my favorite bow companies are

2. TUCK AND BUNDLE - I NEVER go anywhere without a wrap & I have ALWAYS used this company. The material is so breathable & strong. I have a couple that I have washed a million times and they still are in great condition with just as rich in color!

3. TWISTSHAKE canteen - keeps my coffee hot & my wine cold.. just kidding, kinda. 

4. FORTE ELEMENTS AMINO ACID - whyyyyy I love pairing this packet with my Postnatal Vitamins

  • Increases energy and generates proteins needed for tissue repair
  • Helps facilitate calcium absorption & storage in bones
  • includes anti-aging benefits AND supports skin, hair, and nail growth

5. NOM NOM NECKLACES pacifier clip & chew bracelete - which honestly they go everywhere with me because Ava is always chewing or sucking on something.. whether I hook her pacifier clip to a pacifier OR on to the chew bracelet itself.. it will forever be clipped on me or Ava! SO NO worries of it dropping in dog shit.

STAY TUNED FOR SOME MORE DETAILED SHOTS OF TOTE SAVVY & enjoy these random photos of Bella shoving dirt in my mouth when I asked for a kiss..