Our Adventures with Lily Jade

We got this "lifesaver" in the mail, a couple weeks ago, and we have yet to go anywhere without our Lily Jade diaper bag - yes, diaper bag. 

OBSESSED is an understatement - this bag has got it all - looks, space, insert, changing pad, multiple pockets, AND it converts into a BACK PACK. [yup, my life is complete] and Ava's quiet the fan as well..

And it's fancy, jade tassel, also serves as the best distraction while changing your babe ;)

I have [no joke] searched everywhere for a diaper bag back pack that didn't LOOK like a back pack.. boy, is the market tough. My favorite part about this bag is how conventional it is - tired of it on your back? It can also transform into a shoulder bag THAT STAYS ON YOUR SHOULDER.

Freeing up my arms to carry what's really important. 

May or may not have a week worth of clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks, and shoes packed in there..

Diaper Bag: Lily Jade

My maroon cardigan: Shop PinkBlush

Ava's Maroon bow: Plum & Petunia

Ava's pink/blue floral bow: Plum & Petunia

Ava's black/white polka dot bow: Little Wilde & Co.

My orange cap: GiGi Pip

Ava's blue/purple floral outfit: Tea Collection

Purple bow: Little Aries Bows