It's not often that I can find a cute ruffled dress for Bella that isn't "itchy" - yeah.. we've reached that stage already.. It could be a silk robe and it would be "itchy" if she didn't like it.

The dress, jacket, bow, & shoes are all linked at the bottom of this post!

Just recently we got sent this adorable burnt orange "Welcome Fall" dress & "Khaki Forest" Overcoat from BabyFab and I just had to share some of my favorite snaps I took of her in my grandparent's backyard.

We were looking for the neighbor's cat who is her best friend [actually any new animal she meets is her best friend] but we spent a good hour this evening screaming, "here titty titty"

It was worth documenting. 

But how adorable is this Khaki overcoat with the bow on the back? It's super soft & very easy to clean.. this girl spilt apple juice & ate Doritos while wearing it. Little water and rag did the trick. I'm all for a 'quick clean and wear it the next day if you can' kind of mom.. hahaha.

And that smile up there.. her 'smile-for-the-camera' smile has got to be the most genuine smile.. right? ;)

This adorable sailor bow has honestly got to be one of my favorites but she never gets to wear it enough.. clearly I need to put more orange & yellow in her wardrobe.

Girls got her apple juice & bag of "messy" cheese wherever she goes.. hahaha only my child. She may be the biggest weirdo [like her mama] but she sure looks good doing it :)

Welcome Fall Dress linked here

Khaki Forest Overcoat linked here 

L'Amour Girls Leather Ankle Boot linked here 

Orange & Yellow Floral Bow linked here