Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press customizes the most darling keepsakes out of your family photos! From calendars, photo books, memory games & puzzles for your kids - this company can personalize it all. 

Bella received her 'family faces photo sticker book' with the biggest smile when seeing her own name & face on the cover! [little did she know - the whole back of the book contained stickers with her & her favorite family members]

Honestly - this little pink book came with SO MANY stickers.. 96 to be exact & you can choose any 8 images you want - should at least last her another week ;)

The entire book is filled with blank white pages for your child's imagination to explore..

Let them place a sticker on the page & draw a creative scene around it! 

As you can tell - I have a couple mini Picasso's on my hands hahaha.

This simple yet personal gift makes it so fun for kids to get extra creative with their imaginations. We have always been an artsy family, but it really makes a kid brighten up seeing themselves on a sticker! AND their a very good quality stickers - no random tantrum because a sticker was pulled off in half! 

And just in time for the holidays - you can order this or any other beautifully customized simple photo gift now for 15% off using code 'DARLINGS' at checkout! 

Click here to customize & order your very own sticker book!