Through my lens of their special day

Mr. & Mrs. Root

Really? Is it that time already.. people falling in love, getting married, buying houses, having babies, starting families..WHAT! Even though I am a mother to a [almost] two year old, it still catches me by surprise sometimes at where I am in my life.. and how fast it goes by. I think that's why photography became one of my biggest passions. I love being able to capture and hold beautiful moments.

This summer became my first real gig at photographing weddings. Many of which I was an assistant and was assigned specific shots to capture during ceremony and then ran the 'photo booth' during reception. But when I got asked from one of my life long friends that they wanted to ME alone to capture their day I was honestly ecstatic. Overwhelmed [also was a bridesmaid and had to usher my 18 month old daughter down the aisle as the flower girl].. but excited. 

This blog post is to give people [mostly soon-to-be newlyweds] an idea of what I photograph through out the day and what my finished edited images tend to look like. 



 I will be posting a couple "before and after" edits. I tend to remove objects like microphones, speakers, or bridesmaids/groomsmen that happen to not be making the cutest face during the shot haha.. basically anything distracting in the image I will remove as best as possible. In the image above, I removed the microphone coming from the bride's chest, the videographer who was in the middle of the aisle and then I cropped to center the image which in turn helped remove the random arm of a groomsmen.

When I say I try and capture your entire special day, that means from breakfast, through rehearsal, detailed shots of the venue, the getting ready, the dress, the ceremony, reception, and most definitely candids of you all day long.

Rehearsal isn't too exciting... [so we will skip to the bubbly and getting ready!]

While the guys play champagne flip cup...

The girls get pretty.

I was the first bridesmaid to walk down the aisle, so it was pretty tough having my daughter stay and watch me go.. [my daughter was the flower girl of the wedding] 

I kid you not halfway down the aisle Bella screams "MAAAAA".. similar sounding to Will Farrell yelling for his ma to make meatloaf. But once she came down the aisle with her little bouquet she stood right by me while I snapped a few shots of Nikki's parents "giving her away". 



My lovely boyfriend took the above image on my other camera body; I absolutely love the wide angle view he capture from the top of the hill behind the ceremony but unfortunately my settings were off. Thanks to RAW format and Photoshop I was able to add a mask with a separate image of a sunset. My digital art major pays off in situations like this :P

After the ceremony we were in a race against the sunset. I hate using my speed light [flash] and try my hardest to shoot with natural light. Super thankful for my 35mm 1.8 lens that I picked up on the way to the wedding. Having such a low f-stop helps tremendously letting in light in 'low-light' situations. Im obsessed with the creamy depth-of-field and sharp contrast between the subject that it creates. I'm really hoping to save up for the 85mm 1.4 portrait lens by Nikon.. might take me a couple years though hahaha.

We had about 40 minutes to take photos of all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, and special alone pictures of the two newlyweds. Then it was time to party..

These two lovebirds were off that night at 3 am to the airport for their honeymoon. Their special day could not have been more perfect and I will continue to remind them how honored I was to capture it all for them. Cheers to Nikki and Colin Root!