Best $10 dollars I've Spent..

Ah my very first blog post… I really am not much of a writer. I never felt like any word could really define how I felt or what I was feeling. Maybe that’s why photography is this therapeutic outlet for me to express a moment or emotion. I think of myself as a lifestyle photographer because I literally capture my daughters everyday life (as much as I can); they say they grow up fast, I was prepared. Its about time I had a little space that I could fill with certain memories that I captured of my daughter. My "blog" will vary a lot from a shoot I did to maybe just a 'moment' of Bella and I's day that I just HAD to share haha.. but here it is, enjoy!

But, no really, it's been a while since I made a purchase that wasn't so much an impulse buy.. haha. You mama's know what I mean. If it's 'tiny & cute', its probably coming home with me. Well this item wasn't so much cute as it was little.. and awesome. Bella and I finally stumbled upon the "Blitz Blowout" from Target [it's a bubble machine] and its been a lifesaver. Not every kid likes bubbles, but my child.. LOVES them. 

One out of three of the past seven days that it was sunny in Seattle.. thank you sun Gods, and thank you Target! Sunny days generally help me stay in a good mood all day, but THIS day I got to finish all the loads of laundry that were piled in the corner, clean all the dishes, vacuumed the downstairs, AND got to do my makeup..all with this little distraction, well and my brother haha..  

And not to mention the sunshine was on POINT. I took all these photos around 6 in the evening. All of these photos were taken on my 60mm f/2.8G; while my settings changed slightly whether or night my subject was in the light or not.. but roughly my camera settings had an ISO of 200, shutter speed was around 1/500 and aperture at f/3.


By that very bossy stare-down, up top.. can you tell somebody turned off the bubble machine? hahaha


Now if only this bubble machine weeeere BIG.. I wouldn't have to refill the dang thang every 5 minutes. But I get to hear those giggles while I work and that's the best part.