My Lil' Snow Bunny

It's been more than chaotic the past couple weeks, packing, moving, and unpacking from a rental home back into my grandparents remodeled home (if anyone recalls the giant tree that fell on their roof last winter..) and no I WISH we could afford our own place in Bellevue.. but at the moment that's unrealistic. Juggling OB appointments, photography sessions, unpacking, family time, organizing, and reorganizing clothes and toys between Bella and this new little girl come April.. my pregnancy brain is completely scrambled. 

SO we decided next day daddy had off we needed to get out of the house and just enjoy each other's company. We took Bella to Snoqualmie Pass for her second time ever. Last time she saw the snow was last winter when she was about 10 months old and all she could do was sit on a sled and eat handfuls of balled up snow... this time was different haha.

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*I am so over pictures already face* haha this poor little girl, she has the most patience I have ever encountered with a toddler.. (well enough for me haha) and I know when she is done smiling for pictures when she throws her head back and says "cheeeeeeeeese" for as long as possible with her eyes completely closed attempting to show every single tooth in her mouth (the very last picture on the blog demonstrates this perfectly).. this chick knows as long as I get one good picture I won't hound her anymore hahaha.

It's little getaways like this that make me realize how blessed I am. It's tough being a stay at home mama, especially during these cold winter days, doing the same indoor activities to distract our littles, watching reruns of Curious George's, "A Very Monkey Christmas".. (which has the most chimey yet GOD DAMN annoying Christmas song 'areee youuu ready, for Christmas day to come..' chorus I have not gotten out of my head for past week) being swamped with laundry, dishes, boxes to unpack and sort and yet the minute we are out of the house as a family, I forget it all. I am thankful I have a family that distracts my own stress. While it has been hard to find the time lately to spend with each other, I am thankful for these holidays, thankful I have a family that puts a smile on my face no matter the downs and worries I have in my mind. I mean once you become a mother, your obligated to worry, all. the. time... right? ;)

I have frost bitten toes and dad's fingers are about to fall off.. can you tell we are a very prepared family? At least I packed popcorn and chocolate for the ride home.. haha hey it kept her busy and quiet.. not but honestly books and popcorn will distract this kiddo for days.

At this point I really couldn't feel my limbs, so sledding on our booties and tumbling everywhere just to get her to laugh hysterically was exactly what I was doing..

"Hey Bella.. can I get one more smile?".. gosh she is the best. I really can't wait to have two of these little cuties to spend every waking second with.