Fall Mini Sessions

* you can click on the images to view the enlargements

Hello everyone! I have had some questions from a few people on just "how many photos" you will receive from a 45 minute photo session. Your online private gallery is a unique page designed just for your family to view ALL of your images taken within that 45 minute time frame. The additional 5 digital images I have advertised as part of the "Fall Mini Session" that are "edited" are simply 5 images that are your favorites from the gallery. YOU pick them.. then I enhance and spice them up to their 'prime' in Photoshop. From enhancing sharpness, brightening eyes, softening skin, erasing blemishes, fixing stray hairs, removing distracting objects, and adding filters or light flares/leaks that make your images truly speechless. ALL of your images will be in high resolution so if you decide you are in love with an image, why not order a couple prints or a quality canvas for your home? 

Just for kicks, here is an idea of the type of quality photos I can take in 45-ish minutes and what a private gallery will look like [keep in mind this is just my daughter and I playing at the park.. if I weren't pushing her on the swing, playing hide and seek, or going down the slide with her] I take approximately 200 images in that time span based off my previous sessions. After I filter though any photos with blurry subject or closed eyes, your gallery should have approximately 75-100 digital images. Enjoy! & don't forget to book a mini session because I mean.. its a heck of a deal AND this is the best time of the year! 

Bella thought it was absolutely hilarious to put bark chips on the swing, push them as hard as she could, then have them fly off and run away with her hands over her mouth cackling away.. [I have no idea where she gets half of her gestures because I sure don't walk around laughing with my hands over my mouth hahaha] She's a polite lil' lady!

She was a bit worried another kid was playing on 'her' swing and had to keep an eye on the kid the whole time.. ha we are still learning that the park is everyone's toy. [also the above image is an example of my focus being off.. my focus point was set on the leaf in her hand/middle of her sweater, that is why her face appears a bit blurry.. this is why I take MULTIPLE pictures in one area.. 

I am sure going to miss capturing sun flares this coming winter.. 

I most definitely need to buy that mustard yellow cardigan in every darn color now..

If you have any questions about pricing, more or less desired photography time, gallery/printing options, etc. just shoot me an e-mail at: heather@hamiltonphotography.us

I am very flexible and work with clients with whatever fits your budget and time! 

Happy October everyone! :)